Inspiring Approach

“Peter has the knack of getting the very best out of people.”

harveySir John Harvey Jones

Voted Britain’s top business leader

Over 30 years of experience has created a tried and tested and proven approach that is simple to understand and communicate to entire workforces and that consistently inspires them. Boosting employee morale, engagement, productivity and business growth and profit way beyond previous expectations.

This approach is both a philosophy based upon the proven concepts of employee engagement, coaching and the power of inspiring people, and a pragmatic profit improvement methodology that has created over £1 billion pounds of profit and shareholder value.

It is called “D.O.I.T.”

The letters are an acronym for the 4 critical elements of any transformational change. Whether it is to transform a mediocre manager into an inspiring leader, to transform a struggling business into a successful one or to transform an already good business into an outstanding business.

The letters stand for…


Defining the “What’s In It For Me” for employees and other key stakeholders.


Precisely defining the key elements of your business of the future as a vision.


Identifying the 6-7 critically important factors for success – individually necessary and collectively sufficient to deliver the “Desired Outcome”.

Take action

Professionally planning the work – and then working the plan in an integrated way with clear responsibilities and accountabilities.

The implementation is then delivered in a flexible way to suit the individual situation of your business using a blend of our advisory, coaching, strategy, face to face and online services.

Our Services

We transform organisation’s performance, productivity and profit via five main services…

1 “Strategy to Action” Workshops – to refresh and refocus strategy, that inspires the entire workforce, with a plan to deliver it rapidly.

2 Executive Coaching – to MDs, CEO and their top teams.

3 Leadership Development – to upskill management into an inspiring and multi-skilled leadership team.

4 Key note speeches – to inspire motivate and upskill larger audiences.

5 Vic your Virtual Interactive Coach – a ground breaking digital platform that upskills, empowers and engages all of your people by giving them instant access to “A coach and trainer in their pocket – 24/7”.

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If you are a CEO, MD or other senior business leader and want to explore how we can help you transform your organisation’s performance, productivity and profit please call me right now on +44(0) 7768 154316.