Inspire people

How do you inspire people and why bother?

Most employees, including managers, say that what they most want from their boss is to be inspired. By which they mean to be inspired by what their company does, by the work that they do, by the people around them, by their bosses leadership style and by the recognition the receive for the work they do.

However when the managers are asked what actions do they take to actually inspire their people, they often can’t answer the question. And when asked, 80% of staff say they have not experienced inspiring leadership from a boss in the last 5 years.

So it’s not surprising that studies repeatedly prove that this lack of inspiration results in many companies performing way below their potential. Indeed those companies in the top quartile of “employee engagement” perform at least 30% better in most business measures (including staff and customer retention and profit) than those in the bottom quartile.

So creating an inspired and engaged workforce goes way beyond a “good thing to do” and should be a key part of any organisation’s strategy.

So how do you inspire and engage employees?

Whilst every person is different, there are some common themes. Here are just five…

People want to be proud of their employer and what it does and how it does it – and to relish telling their friends and family.

People want to feel that their boss is there to develop them and help them be more successful, not just to be driven to produce more output in less time.

People want to contribute their ideas and have their thoughts and ideas seriously considered or even adopted.

People want to be recognized for what they do, even if just with “thank you”, and not taken for granted.

People want to know how their day to day activities contribute to the overall mission of the organisation.

Helping you inspire your people

Peter Ryding has been an inspiring leader and has been inspiring leaders and their workforces for over 20 years. He has done this in companies of all sizes and all sectors as an MD, CEO, Chairman, venture capitalist, senior executive, coach, mentor and strategic advisor. And he has won awards for doing so.

Strategy to Action Workshops

One way Peter does this is by running his unique “Strategy to Action” workshop with the leader and their top team. This workshop has an average rating of 9.9/10 with some people even rating it 11/10!