Executive Coaching Service and Testimonials

We have been coaching & mentoring CEOs & their teams since 1999. We are all ex CEOs/MDs who are fully trained as coaches & mentors and experts at using DOIT to provide a richer coaching & leadership development experience.

The D.O.I.T. Executive Coaching service is bespoked to every client – although it typically involves monthly pre-scheduled 1-1 meetings. Each meeting is scheduled for half a day to allow for coaching, critical discussions, review of progress being made and intense coaching exercises with time to turn findings from these exercises into specific action plans whilst they are still fresh in your mind, before having to return to day to day activities. These meetings are usually offsite in a meeting room to ensure no interruptions, brain space for deep and fresh thinking and privacy for challenging discussions and exercises. As a client you can call me or email at anytime to discuss issues and opportunities that arise, when they arise. Additionally if any crisis emerges then we can meet outside the pre-scheduled meetings. In addition you will have full 24/7 access to the groundbreaking “Vic your Virtual Interactive Coach” with all of it’s leadership development and business and life skills content. We review the coaching relationship and results every 6 months to ensure it is valuable and that it merits being continued into the future. Most clients remain full coaching clients for periods of 3-4 years. Then they want to use me more as a trusted advisor and confidant on a bi-monthly or quarterly basis, or they seek more of my involvement to help them sell or otherwise exit the business that they have grown during the previous 4 years.

During most coaching relationships many of the following topics will be covered…

How to deal with issues at work and at home that arise quickly and effectively.
How to be a more inspiring leader.
How to increase Employee Engagement throughout their business.
How to increase Customer Engagement by putting the customer at the heart of their business.
How to upskill, empower and upgrade the senior executive team.
How to create a “DOIT” vision of the future that will dramatically grow the business and then develop a plan to deliver it.
How to optimise any M&A process including far more than “just” the price.
How to free up more time – at least a whole day per week.
How to manage stress, resilience and mindfullness.
How to manage life work balance
How to improve communication skills
How to understand your personality type, how others see you and what you can do about it.
How to spot and fix self limiting beliefs (We all have them!)
How to get unstuck and manage crises quickly and effectively.
How to explore your values and purpose in life.
And many more.

All achieved in a structured and integrated approach that has been helping CEO clients since 1999.

“Peter is an endless source of fascinating facts, relevant business stories and deep insights to human behaviour. And then he asks the question at the nub of the issue – the one that makes you think – the tough one. The one that makes all the difference. And with the answer everything else becomes clear. That’s Peter. By working with Peter I’ve learnt so much about me, how I can become a better leader and how to drive a business forward. So if you have the chance to work with him – grab the opportunity.”

Steve Spencer  

Director at Tiffany

“When you sit down with Peter and discuss all of your issues , he helps prioritise the 20% that will make 80% of the impact on what you’re trying to achieve. Plus he is genuinely good fun to have around your organisation and business.”

Neil Taylor

Operations Director of FTSE 150

“Peter has the technical qualification, experience and personality with which to provide the highest quality coaching to senior executives in circumstances of both normal and under performance. I can personally highly recommend Peter Ryding for his professional coaching and mentoring skills at the highest level.”

Nick Ferguson  

Serial CEO

“I was sceptical at first but decided to give it a go. I found Peter’s insight into the dynamics of a company that he didn’t know to be amazing.

Peter quickly became a confidant who I could trust to give an open and very honest assessment of my strengths and weakness, advice on how a CEO needs to position himself and insight into the challenges both current and yet to be encountered.

Peter’s sound advice on how to resolve issues at the board and management level, how to implement these changes, mentoring on how to build relationships and drive focus in the company were excellent.

The result was and increased confidence and a sharper focus on what can really make a difference to the business. The business doubled revenue every year went on to become number one in the world with a 35% plus market share and culminated in being acquired by Motorola. I have no reservations recommending Peter as a CEO or Board coach. My only regret is that I didn’t use his services more!”

Philip Bolt
CEO and President

Orthogon Systems (Motorola)

“Peter blows away the fog and I come out fired up and ready to do whatever needs to be done.”

Simon Bennet

MD Qinetiq plc

“When I started as Director General of the RSPCA I knew I needed help and advice. I was also a first for the RSPCA – the first woman leader in an essentially macho dominated environment – with a large workforce and a strong tradition of command and control military style leadership. I also knew that being at the top can be lonely and exposed and it is difficult to trust others enough to let them know your weaknesses and concerns. But I needed and wanted more than a listening ear, I wanted options and strategies.

I feel very fortunate to have had Peter as a coach over the past five years… and throughout the time when I was considering whether to change jobs, when to change and what direction to take Peter was a great source of counsel and advice.

The most valuable contribution that Peter has made to me revolves around the issue of inner confidence. Even the most externally robust individuals, and most people would count me as one of those, can find ourselves in challenging and uncomfortable situations that can lead to self doubt, particularly when you are being stretched hard or under attack, as I have been. Peter’s wide business experience, blended with a tremendous insight into the psychology of human behaviour, proved to be a remarkably effective combination.

Peter has become a confidante who I can trust to give an open and honest assessment of my strengths and weaknesses.
Peter acts as a dynamic sounding board, not merely reflecting thoughts and ideas but challenging them and subtly moulding them in such a way that woolly uncertainty is transformed into crisp focus, backed by the confidence that the way forward is both achievable and enhancing for both the individual and the organisation.© 2009

Whenever I meet Peter I know that at the end of a couple of hours I will have a clear way forward on at least one significant issue, usually several, and that I will approach the challenge with energy and determination because of the ‘lift’ that the interaction has given me.

I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone who knows that they could do better if they felt more in control of themselves and the environment in which they operate.”

Jackie Ballard


I was deeply sceptical about its value and highly suspicious of the potential for ‘psycho-babble’. I remember being somewhat forthright in these terms during my first meeting with Peter Ryding.

Fortunately, Peter’s evident experience coupled with a personal style that instils a sense of confidence and trust from the outset, persuaded me that it was worth investing some time with him. I can honestly say that this was probably one of the best decisions I have made for both myself and the company.

I had been recently promoted to a very much larger role in a business that was in the midst of dramatic change. Peter was a constant source of sound advice, good suggestions and, to a degree, a source of discipline that helped me keep focussed on the ‘important’ agenda rather than the merely ‘urgent’.

Whilst I was running a substantial business and presented a strong and confident exterior to the world, inside I had deep self doubts, fears and limiting beliefs. For the first time I found that I could face them, discuss them and ultimately address them with massive benefits at both work and at home. In fact it changed my life and I only wish I could have come across Peter earlier in my life.

It was only due to Peter’s potent combination of business and psychological skills and experience that enabled me to achieve so much. I think this skill is close to being unique; I have certainly not detected it in the coaches that colleagues elsewhere in the business have worked with.

Having started as a sceptic, I now find that I look forward my meetings with Peter knowing that when we part I will have a clear way forward on at least one significant issue and that I will approach the challenge with energy and determination because of the ‘lift’ that the interaction has given me.”

Simon Bennet Divisional

MD Qinetiq plc

“Peter is my secret weapon for business success.” 

R. Green

Managing Partner KB Private Equity

“When you sit down with Peter and discuss all of your issues , he helps prioritise the 20% that will make 80% of the impact on what you’re trying to achieve. Plus he is genuinely good fun to have around your organisation and business. “

Neil Taylor

Operations director of FTSE 150

“Using some remarkably powerful psychological techniques Peter addressed several unaddressed fears, concerns and misapprehensions from earlier in my life and found ways of bringing resolution to key personal issues. This in turn addressed behavioural problems which saved my marriage and subsequently saved my business too.” 

David Brown


“Sometimes s**t just happens and it’s difficult to know who you can ask for help and whose feedback you can trust and act upon. Peter is both and I trust him without question.”  

Simon Peck

plc Director

“Peter made me look into the mirror and I did not like what I saw. I decided to change and Peter helped me do it. My directors, my family and my friends all noticed the difference. I now have purpose in my life as well as a career.”


 “Peter gives an incredible insight to how I and others people tick, all without any psychobabble.”

Chris Patterson


 “Peter has helped me realise what areas I need to work on and how to make those changes. He understood my needs promptly and has helped me enhance my career. I highly recommend anyone to engage with Peter.”

Charles Barnes


 “My coaching with Peter is extremely helpful. He quickly ascertains key development areas for me, gives clear pointers to think about (and actions) and ultimately the external clarity and validation I needed. Thank you Peter.”

Suzie Yong


 “Peter supported me through a very difficult situation. He showed me how to remove my doubts and coached me to a brand new course of action. I highly recommend working with Peter.” Kathryn Oliver HRD

“Peter rapidly helped me establish my career barriers and provided practical, psychological and neuro-scientific techniques to overcome them.”

Leanne Gregg


 “I would like to thank you for your coaching Peter. I really enjoy the concepts we discuss and I’m still thinking and processing them. You have a wealth of tools in your armoury and I am seeing key changes to my thinking and application. To anyone who is hesitating about coaching with you, I would say “What’s the risk of just dipping your toe in the water – after all, you may learn something new – I did!”

Andrea Slide


 “HRDs are expected to have all the answers, so seeking support from coaching experts seems contrary to this perception. But coaching with Peter has been an immensely positive experience. He understood my professional challenges and was always on hand to give honest, solution based recommendations, which focused on me.”

Sylvia Opar


 “I strongly encourage anyone to take up coaching with Peter – if they are lucky enough to get the opportunity. He has a huge wealth of experience and is able to get to the root of the problem/issue at lightning speed and therefore help you in a short space of time. I promise you it will be worth it to help you solve whatever business or personal challenges you are facing.”

Tina Purkis Executive

Director Human Resources

 “I can highly recommend Peter’s coaching. Peter has so much knowledge, experience and insight and takes the time to listen and understand and then provide an assessment and support with any issues or areas for development. His advice and tools have been incredibly beneficial to me.”


Human Resources