Leadership Development and Testimonials

Powerful insights delivered in innovative ways on important topics such as “The truths & myths of inspiring leadership”, “How to deliver transformational change”, “Building very high performing teams”, “Accelerated rapport & trust building,” or bespoke master classes for your team. This can include learning from history about the power of communication & deep employee engagement.

“Peter is a very special presenter. He connects with the audience right at the start and keeps them engaged throughout the entire master class. In this case the top 100 executives from Ericsson and our strategic partners.

His content is superb, his stories fascinating and his delivery is inspiring. Everyone found it informative, enjoyable and the tips practical to take away and apply back in the office. Exactly what you want from a leadership master class – and exactly what you get when it’s delivered by a master like Peter. No wonder it was rated so highly by our people.”

Bradley Mead

MD Ericsson Services UK

“Excellent! Great insights with lots of real gems! 10/10”

John Moore

CEO Secomak Ltd

“An excellent use of a day – packed out with new ideas and practical tips. 10/10”

Ian Watson

Britax Ltd

“Peter’s passion and knowledge for leadership and business growth impressed me so much I have already run his workshop within my business. It went down a storm! 10/10″

R Whitehouse

MD Automotive Engineering

“This is my second time and still a top class day! Highly recommended! 10/10”

Martin Fuller

CEO Fuller Law

“Excellent content, structure and presenter – with bonus free access to great content after the event. 10/10″

Rey Geelani

CEO, Network Interlinks

“Superb! Peter is very passionate and very knowledgeable. 10/10”

Mike Lloyd

CEO ML Electronics Ltd

“Excellent day! Excellent value ! Excellent tools! 10/10”

Roger Pitt  

MD Headley Printing

“Engaging and very valuable day that brought great clarity and focus. 9/10”

Simon Fryer  

CEO K Communications Ltd

“A great day. I have already started using Peter and his ideas in my business. 9/10″

Bill Bassinger

MD, Kind & Co Construction

“Peter tells great stories and keeps everyone engaged to the end. He shares so much information within the one day. Excellent value. 10/10″

Sheron Carter

CEO, Gateway

“A very impressive speaker and a very impressive day. 9/10”

Paul Walton

Chairman & CEO TitheGrove

“A great insight to leadership and profit growth from Peter who is a very experienced practitioner. 9/10″

John Wallace

CEO Documentation

“Very motivational and inspiring with simple techniques to make a difference. 9/10”

Ludo Chapman

CEO Grant instruments Ltd

“A terrific combination of fascinating theory and practical experience – you can’t fail to benefit from this experience. 9/10”

Adam Kaye

CEO GapBuster

“Peter is articulate, thought provoking and fascinating to listen to. I thoroughly recommend the day.10/10”

Brian Ahern


“Very interesting speaker who challenges your preconceptions about leadership and business. I especially loved the psychological insights to leadership and motivating people. So many tools to take away and use. Excellent. 9/10”

Caroline Nash

Director, Brammer Group

“A great day in which Peter shares fascinating direct personal experiences to revitalise your leadership skills and learn how to truly inspire others.”

Stephen Duff

Director, HSF Ltd

“A “Tour de Force” of all things leadership. Great content during the day and online afterwards.”

Tony Wills

Director, Principal

“Well worth taking the time as it is interesting and thought provoking from beginning to end and full of new ideas and practical tips.”

Keith Covey

Finance Director, Principal

“Inspiring and very experienced presenter. Fascinating insights to the psychology of sales and success. 9/10”

Ian Sawyer

MD Assured Futures

“Top class! Highly recommended. 10/10”

Martin Fuller

MD FullersLaw