Engaging employees

Years of research has proven beyond doubt that deeply engaged employees out perform disengaged employees many times over.

33%+ customer and staff satisfaction, 43% better wellbeing, loyalty and retention, 38% higher productivity in employees, 100%+ sales, and over 10 times the innovation.

And yet for over 78% of organisations these benefits are entirely elusive. Despite extended and expensive culture change programmes the promised benefits have failed to materialise.

Staff have seen through inauthentic attempts to drive up productivity by driving employees to work harder and smarter. True employee engagement starts with a vision that inspires support. Leaders who GENUINELY work at making their people more successful both now and for their future career and company that equips their people at ALL LEVELS to achieve and celebrate more success with less stress.

And THAT is what TOTAL Company Coaching delivers in a ground breaking and truly UNIQUE way.