The truths and myths of leadership

There is no one leadership style and leadership comes in many guises. However, research into leadership reveals that there are some common myths about leadership.

Here we the common myths and the truth behind them.

The myths

You are either a good leader or you are not a good leader
Good leaders will succeed in any situation
Good leaders are born good leaders
Leadership is for the boss
Leadership is all about personality
Leadership is all about charisma

The truths

You can be good at some elements of leadership but not at others. That is where picking a team that compensates for your gaps can work well.
Leadership is situational – so you can be a good leader in one situation but not in another.
Anyone can become a better leader through training and self development. Leaders who understand how leadership works will overtake those who do it naturally without knowing how or why.
Anyone at any level can be a leader and can make more of a difference by learning and using leadership skills. Many charities have been formed by “little people” with a vision who chose to be leaders.
Understanding how personalities drive behaviour and perceptions and choosing your behaviour can make anyone a better leader.
Charisma is one of many influencing characteristics that can initially appeal to followers. In the long run they will require substance to keep following.

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